Legally Yours


‘When working with overseas clients, an international of culture and local norms is at least as important as a thorough understanding of the pivotal business issues for global enterprise’.


Afdeling Juridische Zaken BV is a niche Law firm serving the advisory legal needs of our clients, with a group of independent Corporate Lawyers and International Business Lawyers. We find dynamic ways to support your Business. A powerful combination of a strong Corporate and Business Finance practice. A centre of excellence for Commercial Legal & Regulatory, and an in-depth understanding of the Working Capital Value Chains. Forward thinking and innovative in every respect.


Not just any lawyer.


Worldwide experienced in a clear number of practice areas, we provide:

  • Outside General Counsel Services
  • Advisory and core Legal Services
  • Working Capital Solutions
  • Business Transformation Services

We are the first ever law firm in the region providing:

  • Corporate Lawyer as a Service
  • Commercial Legal as a Service

The focus is on:

  • Dutch clients who are active domestically and internationally;
  • Foreign clients using the Netherlands as a gateway to Europe for distributing their products, services or as an intermediary in their group structure;
  • Foreign clients requiring highly specialized expertise about Contracting, international transactions and rules of business practice.